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Restoring integrity of discs, joints, and tissues so you can live your best, most vibrant, life.


Advanced Spinal Care specializes in full spine specific chiropractic care focusing on quick results and patient satisfaction. Dr. Chad Bennis, DC focuses on pain relief, sports injuries, whiplash, degenerative disc disease, spinal stenosis, headaches/migraines, and pre/post surgery conditions. His approach utilizes full spine x-ray analysis and nervo-scope analysis to specifically determine which segments are causing the nerve pressure.

Treatment For
Various Pain Points

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Dr. Chad Bennis

President & Chiropractor

Patient Reviews

With an Average Rating of 4.9 out of 5 from Happy and Satisfied Clients

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Madeline H.

I could not recommend Dr. Chad Bennis more highly - I have tried other chiropractors with no long-term effects. Dr. Bennis has an extremely focused approach where he is able to identify the exact areas that are injured and adjust them in a way that allows for long-term healing. I was looking for someone like him for years, and started to wonder if I would have to live with my back/neck problems forever, and now that I have found Dr. Bennis, I am healing these injuries at their root and could not be more grateful or amazed by the efficacy of his approach.

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Shred B.

If you are thinking about going to Dr. Chad Bennis don't hesitate to book a flight even if it's from Egypt. Dr. Chad bennis helped me more in 4 days then months with neurosurgeons. Dr. Chad Bennis has saved several people from unnecessary surgeries. I firmly believe it's an insult to call him Dr. Chad Bennis, Certified Beauty seems to fit a bit better. With all that said, Dr. Chad Bennis stayed late and worked hard to get my life back to normal. I highly recommend this certified beauty.

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Caleb M.

Chad is an amazing health professional and saved me from having ankle replacement surgery, I no longer live in chronic pain. He has a very kind and compassionate bedside manner and has in depth knowledge of anatomy and physiology, as well as the tools to help with chronic pain. Highly recommended.

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Kelly N.

I started visiting Dr Chad Bennis approx ten weeks ago. Before I met him I was unable to complete day to day activities without pain. Laying on the floor in my office for relief. Pain pills and doctors visits.Ten years of sports injuries and 7 misdirected chiropractors later I was in bad shape. After one visit he solved the numbness and tension in my middle back. After the next few visits am no longer cracking my neck, and my lower back has recovered to where I have 100% pain free days. I never thought that would be possible. His targeted approach let me know he was not just popping joints but rather actively aligning. I'm going hard in the gym pain free, sleeping great, and living a comfortable life. Dr Bennis has a customer for life!

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Gail D.

After struggling with ten years of chronic neck pain and six years of pelvic floor pain, Dr. Chad Bennis helped me get my life back! Why had numerous other chiropractors and many health care providers NOT been able to get me relief? Dr. Bennis uses an approach to chiropractic care that is individualized to the person. He will listen to you, adapt his care to your needs & give guidance through the process. Dr. Bennis is a very caring, kind and intelligent man. He is the doctor you have been looking for.

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Sally O.

I have seen Chad for a couple of months now and find his adjustments give me more freedom of movement, mobility and chronic pains have shifted. As I have had many years of back pain and some injuries I expect the healing to take time, which it has. The continuity of weekly visits has offered a stable healing trend and I am finding myself with more energy. He is kind-hearted, attentive and very personable. I highly recommend him to support you in your bio-mechanical healing.

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